TuTuApp Lite – Download TuTuApp Lite on iOS(iPhone/iPad) – No Jailbreak

Download Paid iOS Apps on iPhone/iPad – Install TutuApp Lite on iOS: If you prefer utilising third-party applications on your iPhone/iPad then you must have the knowledge that Apple is giving a stiff fight to the major third-party iOS App Installers that are TweakBox, Ignition, AppValley, and TutuApp. Earlier, Apple used to revoke the certificates of these iOS App Installers and the App Developers used to renew the same again.

However, this time Apple is being pretty consistent in the revocation of the certificates forcing the App Developers to think of a different bypass technique. As such, the users are unable to download tweaked iOS applications on their iPhone/iPad. Moreover, even the already downloaded tweaked applications are not working.

In such a grave scenario, TutuApp, in a desperate attempt to save its user base, launched TutuApp Lite, which is a lightweight version of the original TutuApp providing access to the popular and the necessary tweaked iOS applications and games.

TutuApp Lite, similar to other third-party iOS App Installers, is a free application and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS device. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to download and install TutuApp Lite on your iPhone/iPad. Android users, “Download AppEven APK on Android Devices now with this updated Version“.

TutuApp Lite on iOS [iPhone/iPad] – Features

Our post will be incomplete if we don’t shed light on the features of TutuApp Lite. In short, TutuApp Lite provides the same features and functionality as TutuApp, but on a relatively smaller scale. However, until a permanent solution is put in place for the revocation issue, TutuApp Lite is your best bet to install hacked and tweaked iOS apps and games.

  • Necessary hacks and mods are available in TutuApp Lite.
  • Faster installation.
  • Apps and games organized in different categories.
  • Search section is present for directly searching the required applications.
  • Lightweight application.
  • Safe to use.

Moving on, the following are the steps to download and install TutuApp Lite on the iPhone/iPad. If you are looking for “Best Alternatives for AppEven – Similar Apps like AppEven Apps Store“.

Install TutuApp Lite on iOS [iPhone/iPad] [No Jailbreak] [STEPS]

  • Launch Safari Browser on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Make sure you utilize Safari Browser for the purpose only.
  • Navigate to https://tutuapplite.vip/. or Check this Direct link to Get TuTuApp Lite (Use Safari Browser).
  • Please wait for the webpage to load.
  • As the webpage loads, a pop-up will emerge asking you to download TutuApp Lite.
  • Tap on ‘Try Now.’

    TuTuApp Lite Download
    TuTuApp Lite Download
  • Tap on ‘Allow’ to redirect to Settings.

    Allow TuTuApp Lite on iOS
    Allow TuTuApp Lite on iOS
  • The profile installation screen will come up.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ on the top-right corner.

    Install TuTuApp Lite on iOS
    Install TuTuApp Lite on iOS
  • Enter your passcode to proceed with the installation of the profile.
  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles.
  • The profile of TutuApp Lite will be present here.
  • Please trust the profile of TutuApp Lite.
  • Launch TutuApp Lite from the home screen of your iPhone/iPad.

    TuTuApp Lite Installed on iOS
    TuTuApp Lite Installed on iOS
  • Start downloading your favorite tweaked iOS apps and games.

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Final Words – TutuApp Lite VIP Free on iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

These were the features along with the steps to download and install TutuApp Lite on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak. If you happen to face any kind of issues while installing or using the application drop us a note in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.